Emily FaubelEmily Faubel

Emily Faubel has been an advocate for the trucking industry her entire life. As the daughter of the owner of a successful trucking company, Emily knows what it takes to build a business and has handled every issue from accounts management, human resources to health insurance. Emily believes that by building strong relationships with her customers, she can help them become more financially stable. Her husband, Ross, also brings a wealth of experience to Faubel Financial as the company‚Äôs vice president. Formerly the president of a family trucking company for five years, Ross understands the challenges of running a trucking company. He is currently President of RMF Solutions, Inc., a freight brokerage and consulting firm. 

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“When our company hit hard times, Faubel Financial was there to help us. Emily understood our situation and created a plan to turn us around. We never felt put down, rather just the opposite.”